Marc Metcalf Podiatrist G.C.S.Ch.M.Inst.Ch.Pod.
The Pharmacy At Mayfair, 
6 Shepherd Market, 
London, W1J 7QD 

23 Wear Road, Bicester, 
Oxford, 0X26 2FE
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020 7493 2309
01869 601 058
07770 667 141
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A Chiropodist 

In London And Bicester

I am Marc Metcalf Podiatrist G.C.S.Ch.M.Inst.Ch.Pod., your chiropody expert in Mayfair W1, London and Bicester.
Chiropody Treatments
For Effective Nail Surgery, Steroid injection, Prolotherapy and Lifetime Guaranteed Bespoke Orthotics.

About chiropody

 Q. Why should I get my feet seen by a professional chiropodist / podiatrist?
A. As a professional chiropodist/podiatrist I will be able to give a more full and precise diagnosis of your foot issues. Sometimes what looks to be one thing could be completely different, such as psoriasis in the nails, which could be mistaken for a fungal nail infection or vice versa. A sample of nail/skin tissue is taken and a culture can be grown in order to confirm the underlying problem.
Q. How often should I see a chiropodist / podiatrist?
A. The frequency you visit a chiropodist/podiatrist is very individual depending on your circumstances but can range from every 4 weeks to 6 months, just like having a regular check up with your dentist.
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I am fully H.C.P.C. (Health Care Professions Council) registered.

About Marc Metcalf

My focus is your well-being and good foot health. You can depend on my 24 years of extensive experience to give you the best advice. My HCPC registration number is CH16497
Benefits of my services: 

• Relief from pain and discomfort
• Follow up visits can be arranged
• Affordable pricing
• Clinic and home visits

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We are open for business at the following times:
For London surgery appointments:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Call on 020 7493 2309 for appointments. 
For home visits:
Wednesday or weekend appointments available from 
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Call on 01869 601 058 for an appointment.
Marc Metcalf is a superb Chiropodist / Podiatrist.
Because I have Peripheral Neuropathy, taking good care of my feet is critically important.
Regular appointments with Marc over the last ten years have made a great difference to my quality of life.
He combines considerable technical skill with a much wider medical knowledge and a sensitive and caring manner.
I could not recommend him more highly.
David McDonough OBE.
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Marc Metcalf Podiatrist G.C.S.Ch.M.Inst.Ch.Pod.
 is a chiropodist/podiatrist in London and Bicester. Call on 
020 7493 2309, 07770 667 141 or 01869 601 058
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